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Windham Hill Winter Solstice



The Complete Windham Hill Winter's Solstice and Winter Holiday Collection Archive Online

Welcome to A Winter's Solstice



In the fall of 2015 I realized there was no single resource that cataloged all of the Winter's Solstice and related Windham Hill Holiday records. I did some research and found that, during Windham Hill's 20-year history of releasing Winter Holiday-based records, they created a myriad total of 25 (26 if you count On A Winter's Night). This website is dedicated to cataloging, reviewing, and offering opportunities for purchasing them.


The video to the left is the one single, officially published music video in the Winter's Solstice catalog, the opening track from Windham Hill's Winter's Solstice IV: Carol of the Bells (arranged and produced by Phil Aaberg and Dawn Atkinson). 


I designed this website to catalog Windham Hill's Holiday collection pre- and post-BMG ownership. In order to qualify, the records must have had at least one or two original songs recorded for that record (some records, such as Winter's Songs and Guitars and Other Stringed Things only featured rehashed music from previous albums and therefore are not included). That said, I realize I could be missing one or more records, please contact me if you believe this to be the case.


All of the music featured here is under its respective copyright by the artists who created it and Sony Music Entertainment, Windham Hill's parent company. All respects to the ownership of the albums, artwork and music are credited on this website. 

Any questions or comments? Please feel free to contact the editors at the bottom of the History page. 

Editor's Top Five 

These are my Top Five favorite Winter Solstice Albums. You can't go wrong with any of these:

1. A Winter's Solstice IV

2. A Winter's Solstice II

3. A Winter's Solstice: Silver Anniversary Edition

4. A Winter's Solstice I

5. A Winter's Solstice III

Editor's Top Picks - Where to Start

I was recently asked which of the 25 Winter's Solstice Albums are my favorites. That's a tough question, I enjoy many of them. In general, I can say that if you enjoy a more acoustic, folk-like experience, Winter Solstice I and Winter Solstice II are probably the best. I would follow that with Winter Solstice Reunion (though there are pop and vocals on this album) and potentially Night Before Christmas. If you like ensemble works, I recommend Winter Solstice IV, Winter Solstice V, Celtic Christmas I and Celtic Christmas Silver Anniversary

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